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Recloser VR. General information

реклоузер VR 15 на опоре
  1. Embedded poles of outdoor installation exclude phase-to-phase insulation overlap and short circuit in a closed space.
  2. The hydrophobic solid insulation material of the poles ensures effective moisture removal, that is, the reduction of leakage currents, the reduction of snow adhesion and icing.
  3. The mechanism of an electromagnetic drive, known as a “bi-stable magnet system”, with a powerful margin of mechanical strength and pressing force of the contacts of the vacuum interrupters.
  4. Vacuum interrupters for a rated operating current of 800A, a rated breaking current of 16kA for effective use VR for long overhead lines and also for substations.
  5. 3 built-in current transformers and 6 resistive voltage sensors provide the VR recloser with high accuracy and a complete list of necessary protections: overcurrent protection, phase to earth protection, protection against undervoltage or overvoltage, phase failure, voltage frequency changes and many others.
  6. The enclosures of the switch drive and the vandal-proof control cabinet are made of stainless steel, which ensures corrosion resistance and durability. Light-colored powder coating reduces heat from solar radiation and does not attract too much attention to expensive equipment.
  7. Includes a sturdy, hot-dip zinc coated cold rolled steel frame for single post installation, a complete set of stainless steel hardware and accessories for installing the recloser and control cabinet.
  8. Support for all data exchange protocols used in Russia: IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104, Modbus RTU, DNP 3.0. Support for real-time communication protocol IEC 61850. Ability to connect to any SCADA network.
  9. Work on the principle of P2P (peer to peer) allows you to build a peer-to-peer local network of several reclosers, exchanging data with each other.
  10. A wide range of functions of the recloser: automatic transfer switch, automatic recloser, automatic reclosing, determination of the short circuit, automatic test of the battery condition, checking the resource of vacuum chambers, etc.
  11. The sectionalizer function allows the VR to be used not only as a counter disconnect switch. The device in this mode can analyze the network and send data about its state and failures to the dispatcher’s console or to the SCADA system, turn the device on and off remotely.
  12. The control cabinet of the recloser provides a place for the installation of any communication equipment.
  13. The characteristics of the microprocessor unit and the element base make it possible to install high-speed automatic reclosing cycles O-0.1-CO-1-CO-1-CO.
  14. Autonomous work without operational power supply is provided by batteries for at least 24 hours.
  15. Possibility of completing with mechanical intelligent sectionalizers SA Arum – significant cost savings and excellent parameters of protection selectivity.

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