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ARUM is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of advanced unique solutions for assemblers of complete power distribution equipment for various areas of power engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering:

  • Enclosures of 0.4 kV low-voltage switchgear of modular design based on galvanized frame. Rated current up to 8430A, seismic resistance 9 points, sectioning 2b / 3b / 4a / 4b, plug-in and withdrawable modules (MCC). Developed panel standard solutions for various purposes.
  • Enclosures for medium-voltage switchgear 10kV, 20kV (withdrawable, fixed) made of galvanized steel for rated current up to 4000A. Versatility, compactness, high strength and rigidity of the enclosures, localization current up to 40 kA, earthquake resistance of 9 points, all interlocks to ensure safety.
  • Vacuum circuit breakers 10 kV, 20 kV, 35 kV (VCB), current up to 4000A, earthquake resistance 9 points, spring-motor drive, embedded poles, withdrawable version assembled.
  • Automatic reclosers 10kV, 20kV, 35kV. Modes of sectioning, branching, ATS. Protocols IEC 60870-5-101 / 104, IEC 61850.
  • Equipment and accessories for switchgear: VCB chassis trucks with manual and motorized drives, earth switches, insulators, contacts, electromagnetic interlocks, service trolleys, busbar bridges enclosures.
  • Equipment for microclimate: filter fans, filter grids, top roof fans, electrical heaters, thermostats, hygrostats, axial fans, air coolers.
  • Enclosures mounting and wiring accessories: LED lamps, limit switches, document holders, cable glands, cable clamps, EMC cable clamps, busbar insulators, CB operation handles, busbar bushings.
  • Power capacitors for reactive power compensation from 5 to 25 kVAr for a voltage of 400V.
  • Specialized fasteners: cage nuts, flange nuts, thread forming screws, self-tapping and self-drilling Torx screws.

Fast and accurate cost calculation for projects. Active technical support for customers with the provision of 3D models, 2D drawings, albums of ready-made solutions, installation manuals and solutions guides. Certificates. Original design, confirmed by numerous patents.

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